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Bayside Pediatrics, Inc. is a privately owned pediatric medical group comprised three pediatricians who are all board certified. Our caring pediatricians and their staff are eagerly waiting to provide excellent medical care and education to your children. Dr. Luis Napoleon Pinzon is the Medical Director and part owner with his wife, Maria Pinzon. He has been practicing in the Tampa Bay area since 1989 first out of MacDill AFB and since 1991 out of his private practices.

Our mission is to provide high-quality yet affordable healthcare to the children of our community with a commitment to wellness and medical treatment. Our caring physicians have dedicated their careers to provide emotional support and the educational resources necessary for the development of healthy children from birth to adolescence years. We exist for our patients!

Although we treat minor and serious health conditions daily, we believe that it is our job to educate families on how to be proactive and focus on wellness. A healthy child is a happy child.

We are proud to announce that we implemented a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) in February 2006. Our pediatricians and staff have access to all patient records at anytime from any location and also after-hours and from off-site as well. To improve the quality of care, we provide to our patients a direct electronic link with pharmacies and main laboratories in our area. Laboratory results get downloaded into the system as soon as they are available and will prompt the staff to review and take appropriate action. Prescriptions may be sent electronically to the pharmacy of choice. This is a safe, HIPAA compliant program that allows us to accurately manage our patient records electronically. Patients’ medical records will only be accessed by Bayside Pediatric physicians and staff that are directly involved with your child’s care. All previous records kept on paper are available at any time, some have been scanned into the new medical record system and others are safely stored in the office. Our physicians and staff have become experts in utilizing this system to improve the quality of healthcare we provide.

Kids Need Love and Care-We help you excel

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Call us today at 813-885-1770! Click here for our contact information.Our caring pediatricians and their staff are eagerly waiting to provide excellent medical care and education to your children.A healthy child is a happy child.